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The Terms and Conditions at Watford Coach Hire that you must know!

Airport transfers are available.

Watford provides minibus and coach services under the auspices of a Standard National Public Service Vehicle Operators Licence, which was awarded to them by the Department of Transport (The Office of the Traffic Commissioner). In addition to complying with the general laws that govern businesses in England and Wales, we also follow all of the rules and regulations specific to our license. The legislation that controls our company has established standards for licensure and roadworthiness, and we ensure that every vehicle we operate satisfies these requirements. Every one of our drivers is qualified and experienced enough to handle the cars owned by the company.


  • When we talk about the “Company,” “Us,” “We,” and “Our,” we are referring to Watford Coach Hire” which does business under the name “WCH.”
  • The company, person, or agent who initiates contact with the services is referred to as the “Client” or the “Hirer.”
  • The term “passenger” refers to the individual or individuals who are being transported by one of our vehicles.
  • “Reservation,” “Order,” “Job,” and “Booking” all refer to the same thing: the client communicating their requirements to us in some fashion.
  • “Price” refers to the amount agreed upon for the client to hire a vehicle.
  • We supply and deliver coach services following either the British Domestic Regulations or the European Community Regulations, which are referred to simply as “Regulations.”


  • The term “tachograph” refers to a recording device that can keep track of the time, distance traveled, speed, and amount of rest taken when driving.
  • Drivers hours” refers to the laws and regulations that control the number of hours a driver may drive, the need for breaks, and the limits on the total number of working hours that can be accrued in a given workweek.
  • When we say “contract,” we mean the agreement between the customer and our company.

Law of England

Orders are only acknowledged under the situation that the Law of England shall apply to the contract resulting from such an order and to the perseverance of the rights and obligations of the respective parties and that either party will bring no action or other deliberations concerning such an agreement or for losses independent of such a contract except in a court with competent jurisdiction in England. This condition is only applicable to orders that are accepted under the condition that the Law of England shall apply.

If for whatever reason, you decide that you would like to cancel your order, the following scale of cancellation fees will be applied:
Regarding reservations, orders, and bookings, except for account customers, the contract will not be considered as offered. It will continue to be provisional until a fifty percent deposit has been received. Exceptions can be made for customers who already have an established account. The deposit will NOT BE REFUNDED if the reservation is canceled less than 72 hours before the scheduled start time. The remaining balance must be paid in full five business days before the hire date unless otherwise agreed to in writing with us. The rental agreement shall be considered null and void if such payment has not been received.

A fifty percent penalty is incurred for cancellations with less than forty-eight hours notice. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be responsible for the total cost of the reservation.
Anything except vehicles, including services and products
Suppose your reservation is canceled at least 15 full days before the day on which your rental will begin. In that case, the firm will only charge you the cancellation fees levied by the hotels, ferry operators, restaurants, and theatres, among other establishments.
If the order is canceled less than 14 full days before the date on which the services or items were scheduled to begin, the company will charge the total amount for the services or things that were ordered.

At the time of booking, the information you supply will be used to determine the price that will be quoted for your reservation. Suppose a job runs longer than expected due to passengers not returning to the vehicle on time or other circumstances that are not the company’s fault. In that case, an additional charge of £25.00 per hour, depending on the time and distance, will be charged (the calculation is done in 15-minute increments and is rounded up to the nearest 15-minute unit). In addition, a fee of £5.00 – £10.00 per drop-off will be assessed for any additional drop-offs that have not been pre-booked. The distance determines this fee traveled (in miles) and the time spent.
Even though a reservation has been made, the company has the right to change the price if unanticipated circumstances arise, such as a significant fuel price rise.

The person who rents the vehicle is the one who is liable for the passengers’ behavior while using the company’s vehicles. An extra charge will be incurred for any damage, misuse, soiling, or unacceptable volumes of waste left on the car. In continuation of this point, if a passenger gets sick while riding in one of our vehicles, we reserve the right to assess a cleaning fee of seventy-five pounds.

The number of hours a driver is permitted to work, both daily and weekly, is subject to stringent regulations under British and EEC Law. These regulations govern the length of duty and driving time that a driver must complete. In addition, the amount of time a driver is required to relax in between shifts is outlined in detail. Because we are required to comply with these requirements at all times, this may, on occasion, necessitate making alterations to your itinerary or stopping at various locations along the way.

These rules may impact how your job can be developed to fulfill your criteria. Specific jobs of a longer duration can only be completed if two drivers are available. If an individual is hired for a period that spans multiple da, the company may need to designate a day that is not considered a working day; however, this is soWatfordhing that will, of course, be discussed with you.

The company is not responsible to the hirer for any loss or damage caused by the hiring manager in his trade, business, or profession as a result of the personal injuries or death of any traveler to whom the hirer has an employment agreement or a contract for services, whether such a tragedy or personal injury be caused by carelessness, default, or misconduct of the corporation or their servants or agents or anything else; provided that none of this condition shall prevent the company from being liable for death or personal injury.
Regarding the transportation of minoonly only allow three seats for the thcarrierup to only two passengers in any of our vehicles. All groups of youngsters younger than 16 years old are required to have a responsible adult accompany them. We mandate one adult for every 25 children younger than 16. It is the responsibility of the adult to monitor the conduct of any youngsters and to guarantee that seat belts are worn at all times.


Football games and other sporting events:

Some restrictions will apply if your rental is for a football game or another sporting event. This sets the legal duty for compliance with the Sporting Events (regulation of alcohol etc.) Act of 1985 on the person who hired the facility. Suppose get inSupposesith our office if you need any additional information. Allowance for checked baggage Each passenger is permitted to prevent a total of 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of baggage. This allowance must include all bags, belongings, and purchases. This allowance is calculated to permit each person a reasonable amount of luggage without making the coach overweight, which would be against the law and could involve passengers in considerable delay and inconvenience. The purpose of this allowance is to allow each person a reasonable amount of luggage. Our drivers are authorized to avoid the habit of additional luggage to avoid overloading the vehicle.

Provided our office is notified, the Company will allow its drivers to transport and consume alcoholic beverages such as wines, beers, and spirits. These, along with any other pieces of luggage, are thrilled with the understanding that the owner is solely responsible for any risk of loss or damage to their belongings at any time or place.
Items left in a vehicle by passengers are not the company’sresponsibility, and the company will not be held liable for any loss or damage to such property. Anyone who chooses to leave their belongings in a vehicle does so independently.

All arrangements for hotel accommodations, meals, and refreshments, as well as arrangements for the use of boats, vehicles, trains, sea transport, aircraft, hovercraft, or any other means of conveyance operated by individuals or entities other than the Business as agents for or on behalf of the passenger, are made on the convey conditions that the Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, delay, or distress caused to travelers as a result of any such arrangement for hotel accommodations. It includes any loss that occurs as a result of any.

Snow days will result in charge of one hundred percent for the first twenty-four hours and then a decrease to seventy-five percent for any additional days.
Copies of all insurance certificates are available upon request and cover public and employer responsibilities.
Parking Fees Unless an alternative arrangement was made in advance and communicated to both parties, the Hirer or Client is responsible for any parking fees.

In the case of a breakdown or an accident beyond our control, we may need to engage subcontractors from time to time.

Any complaints must be received in writing within twenty-eight days of the day that the booking was made. Within seven days after submitting an objection, we will respond with the complaints system established by our company.

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